This is a blog to tell stories about being a mother to our son Sam, his disability, our family and our lives in London.
Sam is 8, loves stories, Michael Rosen and being cycled around as fast as possible . He enjoys jokes and is surrounded by a loving, extended family. He has a younger brother, Eli, and a younger sister, Stella.
Sam has dystonic 4-limb cerebral palsy. This means he finds it hard to control the muscles of his body and needs support to sit and stand. He has difficulty talking though he makes noises to tell us how he is feeling. Sam mainly communicates by smiling and looking at objects, things, pictures or an eye-gaze computer.
Sam finds eating and drinking tricky so is fed and hydrated through a gastrostomy tube in his tummy.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. Just followed your blog. Look forward to reading your posts.
    I’m Dave, 51 year old father of 4 (7-15) with one kid with a disability (SOD/ONH).

  2. For my grandson, almost 2 years old, the fear of the unknown….reading your blog may shed light on our path…. God bless…

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